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Bewegung ist Leben

NeuroScanBalance Lernmethode

Mein Bestreben ist es, das enorme Lernpotential des Gehirns zu wecken, indem ich mich auf jeden Einzelnen individuell einlasse um durch variantenreiche Bewegungen neue Möglichkeiten für das Nervensystem zu eröffnen. Somit kann Schmerz und Frustration in Hoffnung und Flexibilität verwandelt werden.

Simone Herm

Simone Herm

Über mich

Das Leben steckt voller Herausforderungen und Möglichkeiten, die uns jeden Tag begegnen und sich auf unseren Körper und Geist auswirken. Wichtig ist, wie wir mit diesen Herausforderungen umgehen. Können wir sie annehmen und sind wir bereit, uns diesen flexibel anzupassen? Bewegung und Flexibilität ist ein essentieller Baustein für ein selbstbestimmtes Leben.




Jennifer S.

Last year my son had unexplained back pain with varying degrees of intensity depending on the activity or for no apparent reason. I took him to an orthopedic specialist and he was extensively examined, X-rayed, and ultimately sent for 20 visits to a physical therapist for an undiagnosed back issue. He went twice a week to therapy, and each time returned home in more pain than when he arrived.  His back was angry red and the muscles in his back were bulging and he was in pain. We were told this would subside over the treatment phase. At the end of 20 sessions, he was worse off than when he started and we were disheartened.  We were advised by the therapist that we should request the doctor to prescribe another round of therapy. We were so discouraged and frankly confused because this was not supposed to be the outcome. Simone knew of our situation and said she would like to try and help my son. She had a block of six sessions with him over the course of one week and the results were amazing!  His pain levels steadily decreased over approximately two weeks and his posture dramatically improved. He came home from every session explaining in detail what was happening to him and even tried to “treat” his dad and me from what he had learned from Simone.  Since then, he has had another block of six sessions that refreshed the original results. We are completely convinced that he would still be being bounced from one treatment, test, diagnostic, doctor, or therapist to try and find relief from his back pain if we had not learned about Simone and trusted her. I am so glad we did!  It is truly a blessing and we are grateful for her kind intervention when she observed our sons’ pain and our unsuccessful attempts to get him help. Thank you, Simone!

Lernmethode Erwachsene Bewegung

Die einzige Möglichkeit, die Grenzen des Möglichen zu entdecken, besteht darin, sich ein Stück weit über sie hinaus ins Unmögliche zu wagen.

Arthur C. Clarke



Danke für Deine Nachricht!

Bewegung ist Leben

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